Change is nothing new to us.  We go through changes each and every day.  Sometimes we know when change is coming, and other times we do not.  Change for some creates apprehension. In others, it is motivating!  DPS is going through a change with an education initiative that will be new in some way, to all of us.  The purpose of this “blog” is to try and keep all of us informed of the progress as this initiative to deploy 1:1 devices, takes place.  This initiative is about preparing our kids for college as well as careers. It’s about our kids having teachers as mentors even outside of the classroom.  It’s about our kids “learning beyond the walls.”

A committee that includes teachers and administrators from various grade levels and sites, was established to help make decisions as we proceed as a district to deploy Chromebook devices.  After meeting yesterday for the 2nd time, a timeline was developed to both start a pilot program in the spring, as well as how to begin to approach deploying all 1850 devices the beginning of the 2017-18 school year.

“Technology will never replace great teachers, But technology in the hands of great teachers is transformational”-George Couros